Rep. Duncan Hunter leaves the courthouse in downtown San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone

When Duncan Hunter Jr. first ran for Congress in 2008, we voters only knew him as the son of our current congressman and that he was serving a tour as a Marine Corps officer in Afghanistan. We assumed he would have the same political outlook as his dad and that he would bring honor, leadership and responsibility to the office from his Marine Corps experience.

The recent indictment of Hunter and his response to it shows that he has no honor, blaming his wife for the wrongdoings. In addition, he brings no leadership, as he turned a blind eye to the problem when told about it several times by his campaign treasurer. And he appears to do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility for his actions or those of his campaign.

How would it go over in the Marine Corps if he told his superiors, “Hey, it’s the Gunny’s fault?” Remember, he bought some shorts in a golf shop and called it a donation of golf balls to Wounded Warriors. Where are the honor, leadership and responsibility in that one act?

It’s time for this district to move on. Don’t vote for Hunter.

Gary Waayers
Julian, CA

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