A sign carried by protesters in Balboa Park after the election. File photo

By Enrique Morones

President Donald Trump has turned the United States of America into a worldwide joke.

Only his ill-placed ego surpasses his day-after-day displays of incompetence and ignorance. The joke is no laughing matter, since the most unpopular U.S. president in history has the potential to destroy the entire world by one of his insane tweets.

We must all rise up now and say NO MÁS. Those on the left, those on the right, those in the middle, rise up and fight him now! His apparent insanity, narcissism, unethical business history, and potentially treason-laden relationship with Russia are not fake news! Wake up, rise up, and put up!

Enrique Morones at the border wall earlier this year.

Do not let the world continue to laugh at us! Make your grandchildren proud; tell them you were not silent when the country and world endured this long international nightmare. Stop Trump now, before he puts an end to our country.

Last week the San Diego Union-Tribune held a forum on immigration at University of San Diego and it was unfortunate how it played out. There were racist anti-Mexico comments, self promoting unprofessional behavior, fabricated stories about the borderlands, open talk of shooting Mexicans and worse. We need speak out, ask for apology and fight against this..

We cannot sit silently. Most citizens sat silently on Nov. 8 and as a result we have a shining joke up on a hill.

Enrique Morones is a native San Diegan, founder of the Border Angels and a prominent human rights activist.

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