Donald Trump at a campaign rally. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

By Enrique Morones

The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, has gone from fiction to real-life reality show.

American leadership has eroded and the United States is no longer that “shinning city on a hill.” We have only ourselves to blame, as millions stood by on election day, November 8, 2016, in a sign of protest yet never expecting the long national nightmare we are now facing.

Since that day, each time we thought it could not get any worse, incompetence has been celebrated while the whole world watches in shock. Gold-digging pundits reaffirm this insanity, while our nation crumbles. Donald Trump and his sycophants tell us over and over that the emperor is wearing new clothes, but most of the world sees him as he is: nakedly lighting an ugly fire of not only nativism and isolation, but boldly promoting racism and sexism.

Enrique Morones at the border wall earlier this year.

Too many people have stood silent as he launched his campaign of fear attacking us, immigrants and citizens of Mexican heritage, calling us rapist and criminals, while the Republican party stood silent. Had he launched his ego-driven tirade against a more established group, I am sure the Republican party would have spoken out.

In a continuation of the primary campaign, Trump has demeaned others, attacked women and admitted his total disrespect for ethnic groups and the rule of law. He has forged on. Perhaps not even he expected to get this far.

Our children are watching. We spend our entire lives teaching our children love and respect, but Trump totally disregards human decency and continues to bully, promoting only himself, with lies, taking credit for others’ success, blaming others and surrounding himself with fools, while the world and our children watch in horror.

We can no longer wait; this charade has been more than exposed. We cannot wake each morning in fear, wondering what bombastic tweet or comment has been made by our President, confirming not only his madness but destroying the world in the process.

Rise up; do not be silent. What can we tell our children and grandchildren when they ask, “What did you do during that critical turning point in history?” Support those who are challenging and opposing Trump’s policies and presidential example. Tell the emperor and his supporters the truth.

Enrique Morones is a native San Diegan, founder of the Border Angels and a prominent human rights activist.

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