By Harold Meza

My name is Harold A. Meza, and I am the providing this statement under oath in order to provide the truth in response to false statements and reporting made about me. I am a private person. I have been fasely portrayed by a former fellow County employee, which has been wrongly reported in the local media without any input from me.

San Diego media hear Gary Gartner cite documents in defense of Harold Meza and county Supervisor Dave Roberts. Ken Stone photo

I make this statement as a request to that same local media to give my truthful statement the same amount of publicity as was given to the false portrayal of me.

Also, I challenge anyone who disputes the truthfulness of my statements as made by me to provide their own statement under penalty of perjury.

1. I am 26-year-old college graduate from an immigrant family that worked my way through college on my own. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Cal State San Marcos.

2. I began working for County Supervisor Dave Roberts in August of 2013 as an intern. I was able to work my way up to be offered in May of 2014 a paid position and I now am the Policy Advisor/Community Representative.

Although I, along with other staff personnel, have driven Supervisor Dave Roberts to various County events, I have never been merely a driver or chauffeur for Supervisor Roberts.

3. I never engaged in any inappropriate conduct, sexual or olherwise, with County Supervisor Dave Roberts. Any suggestion that I did is a lie. Supervisor Roberts has always conducted himself with me and with others in my presence in a courteous and respectful manner.

While attending a County event rooms were booked by others that were all double occupancy for those attending the event. Males with males and females with females as far as I know. On that particular occasion I was booked into a room with two separate beds with Supervisor Roberts.

All that happened was that l went to sleep in my own bed. There was no sexual activity of any kind. It has been said that there was a second occasion of sharing a room together on a trip to Brawley. That is a lie. I was not on that trip.

Also, it has been falsely stated that I was “spoon fed” by Supervisor Roberts. That statement is silly. Let me be perfectly clear about this, I am a heterosexual male.

4. Supervisor Roberts has made it clear to me and others in my presence that political activity is not to be conducted in the Office of the County Board of Supervisors. I’ve never been directed to conduct political activity for Supervisor Roberts while on County time.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing statements arc true and correct and I signed this statement in San Diego County, California, on the date shown below.

(Signed) Harold A. Meza
(Dated) 5/21/2015

Gary Gartner provided this statement to media covering news conference outside the County Administration Center. Text has been lightly edited.