By Sweta Patel

Are traditional marketing techniques killing your business? Everywhere you look there are social media and branding consultants vying for your marketing dollars. What is truly working for businesses today?

Video Marketing: The Next Big Thing

This year video marketing has increased the ROI of our major clients by nearly 92 percent. Videos are visually appealing, easy to share, and there isn’t as much text on them. Consumers come away with more information than from text posts or graphics alone. The TrueView Advertising platform is under utilized by most businesses, but it is the easiest way to receive opt-ins for the landing page of choice. Make sure you are hyper-targeting to receive reputable opt-ins for the video.

Best Practice: Include social and emotional triggers to provoke the buyer to take action. In every video use the AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Every video should just be a teaser and it should be simple enough for a 4th grader to understand.

San Diego-based marketing entrepreneur Sweta Patel.

Marketing And Sales Are Closer Than You Think

The next strategy revolves around sales and marketing. Guess what? They just got married and are living in the same home this year. When the marketing team works with the sales team they will better understand the consumer base for the market. This will help them create different personas in the marketing world to represent the brand. They can then use these personas and attract a similar consumer base and convert them. A persona strategy is defined by a focus on goals, interests, personality and actions of the buyer. Marketers are then able to search out potential business the sales team might have overlooked. Through the persona strategy marketing can explain the exact buying behavior to the sales team so they can better understand them and ask the right questions to close faster. Most sales happen online through a form of social media, chat or email, but the sales team should complete the customer experience with a phone call to give that extra personal touch and confidence in your product or service. Businesses that use this strategy will see major wins this year!

Best Practice: Sales and marketing teams work hand-in-hand. Create weekly accountability reports to justify all revenue generating activities between the sales departments and marketing department.

A Cool Case Study: #NoMakeUpSelfie

This year #NoMakeUpSelfie took their campaign to another level by posting pictures of women not wearing makeup. In this social media movement, women were asked to take natural pictures of themselves in order to raise money for cancer research. This movement tapped into the most popular behaviors on the internet such as hashtags, selfies, self-recognition, and attention grabbing pictures of women who look a little different than they usually do. When all these behaviors are combined there is an incentive to share doing “social good” with their friends and followers. Who doesn’t want their friends to know they just donated money by not wearing makeup?

This movement began when Laura Lippman tweeted after watching all the criticism of Kim Novak at the Oscars. She felt most women didn’t have to get so much work done in order to look good. How did this campaign actually play out?

The campaign sparked when women were asked by a friend to post a selfie on Facebook to raise money for cancer research. After uploading a photo to Facebook, you would text HOPE to the number 20222 to donate $5 to cancer research. This became a chain letter and it raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

Best Practice: Create a campaign which connects social good, a current event, and the most popular behaviors on the Internet and watch your ROI sky rocket!

Most marketing strategies are not working for businesses because they are executed in the wrong order or the key targeting is off. Usually when a social trigger doesn’t incentivize the target audience, the ROI of the campaign falters.

What strategy is currently working for your business?

Sweta Patel is a San Diego-based marketing entrepreneur whose company is Global Marketing Tactics.