Arts shopping Point Loma
Panels in “The Art of Immortalizing Heroes” by veteran and Liberty Station resident artist, Joe Pisano. Photo credit: Courtesy, Liberty Station

Liberty Station has unveiled two free art exhibits, both that acknowledge the military history of the site, to celebrate its 2023 centennial.

“The Art of Immortalizing Heroes” by Liberty Station resident artist, Joe Pisano, a veteran, is a seven-panel art piece that depicts a number of conflicts – World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq – along with topics including “Unsung Heroes” and “Funeral Honors.”

Pisano used unique materials, including 100,000 drywall screws, 1,000 dog tags and more, to create the installation.  

The Nautical History Gallery and Museum, created by Joe Frangiosa, is an 800-square-foot exhibit dedicated to depicting the history of U.S. Navy ships and their evolution from the Revolutionary War period to World War II.

In addition to the model ships, built from scratch, the exhibit includes artifacts, photographs, uniforms and toys with kid-friendly interactive elements.  

Pisano enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserves in September 1999. He is currently the Operations Chief for Regional Maintenance Command San Diego and has served in the U.S. Navy reserves for almost 23 years.  

Frangiosa joined the Navy at 19, becoming an aviation boatswains’ mate. He spent four years on the USS Roosevelt and finished his 20-year career by joining the U.S. Marine Corps.

Both exhibits are located in Liberty Station’s Dick Laub NTC Command Center, 2640 Historic Decatur Road.

Liberty Station was once the Navy’s first foothold in Southern California. The 600-acre Naval Training Center operated from 1923 to 1997 before closing and being transitioned to private use. The current shopping, dining, art and entertainment destination, at 361 acres, began to take form in 2000.