The USS Theodore Roosevelt arrives in San Diego Bay on May 25 with tugboats to help its arrival. Photo by Chris Stone

The USS Theodore Roosevelt will depart San Diego July 16 for Bremerton, Washington, where the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier will undergo planned maintenance and upgrades at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, it was announced Tuesday.

The upgrades are scheduled to be completed this September and will include a system retrofit to accommodate F-35C Lightning II mission capabilities, as well as upgrades to the ship self-defense system, the consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services network and the Mk 38 25mm machine gun, as well as refurbishment and preservation of the ship’s hull, rudder, propulsion shaft, anchor and 25 berthing spaces.

Around 3,000 sailors and their families will relocate from San Diego to Bremerton as part of the homeport shift. Theodore Roosevelt is scheduled to arrive in Bremerton on July 20.

Theodore Roosevelt returned to San Diego on May 25, following a six-month deployment conducting maritime security operations in the Indo-Pacific region.

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