A Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler receives fuel from an Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker in an undisclosed location on July 1 while supporting Operation Inherent Resolve. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Battles

The Defense Department on Wednesday reported that U.S. and coalition air forces conducted 37 airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq on July 4.

A majority of the strikes were in and around the terror group’s de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria.

The strikes were conducted by a combination of fighter, attack, bomber, helicopter, remotely piloted aircraft and guided artillery.

Officials released the following details:

  • Near Raqqa, 27 strikes engaged 19 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 17 fighting positions, three tactical vehicles, a vehicle, two heavy machine guns, a mortar system, a weapons cache, a command-and-control node, a vehicle-borne-bomb facility and a vehicle-borne bomb.
  • Near Dayr Az Zawr, six strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed 11 oil storage tanks, nine oil trucks, six oil stills, six oil separator tanks and a command-and-control node.
  • Near Huwayjah, a strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed a fighting position.
  • Near Mosul, three strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units; destroyed 33 fighting positions, two rocket-propelled grenade systems and a front-end loader; damaged five fighting positions and a command-and-control node; and suppressed a mortar team.

The strikes were part of Operation Inherent Resolve, which includes the United States and many coalition partners.

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