The USS Detroit at sea. Navy photo

The Navy has accepted delivery of future USS Detroit, a Freedom-class littoral combat ship that will be based in San Diego.

The Detroit is the eighth littoral combat ship to be delivered to the Navy and the fourth Freedom variant to join the fleet. All of the ships have been based in San Diego as part of the Navy’s pivot to the Pacific.

“We are pleased to receive the future USS Detroit into the LCS class,” said Capt. Warren R. Buller II. “Detroit will be the sixth ship in the U.S. Navy honored to carry the name of this great American city, and will soon be joining her sister littoral combat ships operating with the fleet in critical missions around the globe.”

The ships are being built in two variants, the single-hull Freedom class constructed by Lockheed Martin and the trimaran Independence class built by Austal USA. There are 12 ships currently under construction.

Two of the ships in the Freedom class have experienced significant mechanical problems, and critics say both types lack firepower, but the Navy has said it is confident that the new ships will prove successful.

The flexible vessels are designed for surface warfare, mine countermeasures and anti-submarine missions. Each carries a variety of missiles, deck guns and two helicopters.

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