Two Blue Angel jets seem as one as the make a close pass in the Miramar Air Show Saturday. Photo by Chris Stone
Blue Angel jets seem to merge during a close pass Saturday at the Miramar Air Show. Photo by Chris Stone

When Navy pilots of the Blue Angels team scream toward each other at close to 500 mph, crowds at the Miramar Air Show cheer and gasp, eyes glued to the skies.

Photographers using everything from 600mm behemoth lenses to smartphones sought to capture the rarest of shots — F/A-18s crossing paths in opposite directions.

Using a Nikon D7000 digital SLR set at F6.3 and 1/5000th second, the Times of San Diego stopped bullets in midair Saturday to achieve the above image. The jets were traveling about 700 feet per second.

For such split seconds of thrills, tens of thousands trekked miles from grass fields to bleachers and viewing areas. Within the Marine station, lanes of roads leading to the airfield were cordoned off to allow only pedestrian traffic.

Turnout was boosted Saturday thanks to forecasts — coming true — of Sunday showers.