USS Boxer passes Naval Base Point Loma as it enters San Diego Bay. Photo by U.S. Navy.

A young enlisted man playing with a plastic pellet gun prompted a security alert Thursday at Naval Base Point Loma and left him in custody.

Someone reported seeing the sailor with the “Airsoft”-style pistol in a barracks building in the late morning, firing it out a window and into a parking lot, according to Navy Capt. Scott Adams, commanding officer of the Sylvester Road station.

Personnel were directed to secure themselves indoors while military police investigated.

Officers arrested the serviceman, whose name was not released, about 12:30 p.m., Adams said. It was unclear if the detainee would face any charges over the incident.

The base was back to normal operations by 2 p.m., the captain said.

A tweet at 12:36 p.m. from Navy Installations Command said two people were in custody and that no shots were fired.

 –City News Service

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