A drought-resistant landscape in a housing development. Photo courtesy San Diego County Water Authority

A county agency is offering San Diegans free water-smart classes taught by landscape professionals, with sessions beginning this month.

The virtual classes start Saturday and continue through Nov. 15.

According to the San Diego County Water Authority, the classes are designed to help residents understand landscape design and maintenance, soil health, turf types and removal tips, plant selection, rainwater catchment, irrigation retrofits and project installation.

The aim? To help residents maintain desirable lawns and gardens while also being water-efficient.

“Most of our residential water use is outdoors in our landscapes,” said Debby Dunn, a resources specialist for the water authority. “This is why learning how to create water-efficient spaces is a great way for San Diegans to continue doing their part to use water efficiently.”

The five topics to be covered are:

  • Planning ahead to understand soil and site assessments
  • Designing and shaping a space
  • Choosing plants, along with choices for the region
  • Water and irrigation – how to utilize a precious resource, and
  • Installation and maintenance – how to protect the investment

Participants who attend all five workshops and meet program criteria can sign up to receive an in-home visit by a landscape professional who will help create customized landscape plans.

– City News Service