Ped West
The new Ped West crossing at San Ysidro. File photo ourtesy of Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office

Customs and Border Protection announced it will temporarily suspend pedestrian crossing at the Ped West facility at San Ysidro beginning Thursday morning.

The action comes amid a surge of migrants at the border, and will allow CBP personnel to assist the Border Patrol.

The CBP described the action as a contingency measure “to support the overarching agency mission and ensure the safety and wellbeing” of the migrants.

“These efforts will focus primarily on vulnerable populations to include families and unaccompanied children,” the CBP said.

Migrants from all over the world have surged to the border in recent days in situation similar to what occurred in May.

Pedestrians crossing the border can still use Ped East, and the CBP promised to open as many lanes as possible.

Travelers were urged to monitor wait times on the CBP website.

Chris Jennewein is Editor & Publisher of Times of San Diego.