Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. Courtesy photo

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live will come to San Diego’s Pechanga Arena next month for two days of fun. The popular, family-friendly event will feature Monster Trucks in action, along with glow-up competitions, dance parties and more. 

If you’ve never been to a Hot Wheels Monster Trucks show, here are five reasons why you should snag some tickets today.

Hot Wheels Lovers: If your children love Hot Wheels, this is the show for them. They’ll get to see Monster Truck versions of their favorite toys in action. Children can expect high-flying fun, races and other competitions where drivers will show off their moves. 

New Monster Truck: The show will unveil the newest Monster Truck, HW 5-Alarm, which is actually a Monster Truck and fire truck in one! With its flames and ladders, the truck is sure to win over truck and firefighter loving-kids. 

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. Courtesy photo

More than a Show: Aside from the show, visitors can expect a glow party where trucks are lit up in LED lights for a fun, neon experience. Families can also see the trucks up close during the Crash Zone Pre-Show Party, which is 2.5 hours long. Each pass includes an autograph card plus a souvenir pass and lanyard exclusive to Crash Zone attendees! Passes will be available to purchase while supplies last.

Talented Drivers: The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks show is filled with talented and athletic drivers who have trained for these daredevil performances. One of the drivers is Joe Cypher, the first and only wheelchair-bound Monster Truck diver. A military veteran, Cypher has been driving for almost 20 years.

It’s Affordable: Finally, families should attend the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks show because it’s affordable. Tickets start at just $20 per person! 

The show will be in San Diego from Saturday, Sept. 23 to Sunday, Sept. 24. For more information about Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live or to purchase tickets, go to