Father’s Day is less than a month away — giving you just a few weeks to find the perfect gift for the dad in your life. Here’s a complete gift guide to cover all the different dads out there. 

For the Cooking Dad: If you struggle to find non-feminine kitchen products, Air & Anchor is here to deliver. Offering an assortment of products — from aprons to serving boards and more — you’re sure to find something your dad will love for the kitchen. Introduce your dad to MÄNNKITCHEN for innovative kitchen tools to keep him cooking game up. The Pepper Cannon is a hit with its sleek features, mesh range and more. 

For the Athletic Adventurer: We’ve got some options for the athletic adventurer here. First, if your dad is feeling sore after a dad in the gym or field, check out Kineon Labs’ MOVE+Pro. The red light therapy device uses red and near-infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin and boost cellular metabolism, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. If your dad loves off-roading fun, he’ll love the options from RhinoUSA, which offers powersports accessories that will last. You’ll find traction boards, ropes, straps, shackles and more. Finally, book a kayaking tour through the La Jolla waters with Everyday California. The guided tour will allow him to enjoy the natural beauty of our local beaches, while getting some sun and adventure. 

For the Camping Dad: We know camping in Southern California, and there are plenty of brands to support our outdoor adventures. Grab dad a quality backpack with Skyway Luggage where bags are made from recycled materials. The backpacks come in a variety of sizes and styles. If dad is in need of new gear, check out the line of products at Picnic Time where you can find coolers, chairs, outdoor games and more. How about a reliable two-way radio? Midland’s X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio provides up to 15 hours of battery life and has an incredible 38-mile range! Finally, check out the SKOTTI, a fully portable and collapsible gas grill that weighs just seven pounds! The grill delivers the same level of heat and power as a traditional BBQ grill, but takes up way less space. 

For the Casual-Cool Dad: Does your dad love the comfort of being casual and cool? Check out the comfortable Ben Sherman line of tops, including polos, button-ups and t-shirts. Get your dad a premium leather trucker hat Byward Outfitters. Not only are they stylish but they were made to last through the years. For Father’s Day, the brand has unveiled a special “Grill Master” hat. Finally, introduce your dad to the world of Sanuk shoes where he will find comfort and cool with a variety of options, including sidewalk surfers, sandals and more. Other stylish shoe options can be found with CLAE, a brand of luxurious sneakers. Conscious shoppers will also find a line of shoes made of cactus leather, vegan and recycled options. 

For the Puzzle-Loving Dad: Have a clever dad who loves relaxing with a great puzzle? Check out Buffalo Games & Puzzles, which offers an assortment of puzzles. Snag a Star Wars puzzle or a Marvel game, among other hundreds of options! 

For the Luxury-Loving Dad: If your dad loves luxury, we have a few options for him. Try a sea-breeze cologne such as St. Barts Seascape for Men Eau de Cologne or the woody-amber scent of Kenneth Cole Mankind Rise Eau de Toilette. Dad may also love items for his room such as a heated towel rack from Amba or new luxurious bedding from Eli & Elm. How about some luxury for the dad on the go with a Ricardo Beverly Hills duffle bag or handcrafted sneakers from Grant Stone that look dressy but are comfy as can be.

For the Musician Dad:AONIC 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones  will level up your dad’s listening experience! These powerful noise-cancelling headphones will eliminate any outside sounds so dad can fully enjoy whatever he is tuning into.

For the Office Dad: Upgrade dad’s office with ergonomic accessories from Contour Design. You’ll find options such as a roller or slider mouse, keyboard, travel kits and more to keep dad healthy even in the office. Does your dad need to charge his equipment faster? Who doesn’t, right? EZQuest GaN Fast Chargers, available in 65W, 90W and 120W, have industry-leading safety features and can recharge compatible devices up to 3-times faster! 

For the Golfing Dad: Make golf even more fun for dad with a portable bluetooth golf speaker that mounts to a golf cart! ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker has a 24-hour battery life and a 30-foot range. Bring golf inside the house with Putt-A-Bout, indoor putting greens that easily roll-up. Dad will love having the course inside the house to practice his skills. 

For the Photographer Dad: Does dad love taking photos of the kids and family? Of course, he does — he’s a dad! Canon is delivering better quality photos with its sleek PowerShot Zoom Monocular,  which is easy to use, compact and snags great quality images. 

For the Drink-Loving Dad: If dad loves unwinding at the end of the day with a great drink, we’ve got some picks for you. Try Catedral Mezcal for pure, natural and quality artisanal mezcal. For a bottle of fine wine, try the variety of offerings by Kenefick Ranch, a family-owned winery in Calistoga. There is the 2021 Kenefick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc, which has lychee and honeydew with copious amounts of bright grapefruit and tangerine zest. Or try the 2019 Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road Red, which has elements of fresh berry preserve, spicy French oak notes of vanilla bean and fresh cream. 

Have a suggestion for a gift for dad? Tell us about it in the comments.