Art Reach’s Sarah Holbach with ArtReach will bring her knowledge and love for art to families at ArtWalk.
Sarah Holbach and her family. Courtesy photo

Sarah Holbach said she fell in love with art education at an early age. At 16, she began volunteering and teaching at youth centers across the Inland Empire. Projects always varied, but were always fun. 

“I gained expertise in developing innovative programs, writing curricula, teaching, procuring materials, curating and installing immersive installations for galleries, and planning community art events,” Holbach said. “I knew immediately that this would be a lifelong career path, and I was lucky enough to start early.”

Today, the mom of two is the executive director of ArtReach, a nonprofit that gives children the opportunity to work with an artist and to create original work. In the month of March alone, the nonprofit will host 356 classes for young artists.

“Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have other creative mentors who taught me the importance of infusing joy into all aspects of my work, counseled me through the technical aspects of nonprofit administration and grant writing, and supported my career development while I started a family,” Holbach said. “Now, with over two decades of experience in the art industry, my ultimate goal is to continue this work, while sharing my knowledge and passion to inspire the next generation of artists and art educators.”

Through her 10 years with ArtReach, Holbach said the nonprofit has worked with nearly 54,000 children through a free visual arts program that focuses on social-emotional learning. Creating confidence among youth is the ultimate goal as they also design unique pieces of art. The nonprofit is even more meaningful in California where art programs continue to be underfunded. 

“Our purpose is to ignite youth creativity and connect through community, and we are doing just that. What could be better?” Holbach said.

In April, Holbach and her team will be bringing their knowledge and supplies to the MissionFed ArtWalk in Little Italy. The 39th annual event will take place on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30, giving attendees the chance to meet local artists, enjoy food and live music, and of course, create masterpieces. 

ArtReach will host free, family-friendly art events throughout the weekend with the goal of inspiring more young people. For Holbach, she finds inspiration within her own family.

“I have two small humans, Clementine and Pearl,” she said. “They both spent their baby and toddlerhood at the ArtReach office, growing up alongside our organization. They are our staff muses, our lesson testers, our supply sorters. Witnessing their creative confidence develop has been a daily reminder of why the ArtReach mission is so important.”

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