Rescuing the osprey
An SDG&E crew member approaches the osprey’s next. Courtesy San Diego Humane Society

The San Diego Humane Society‘s Project Wildlife team and utility personnel rescued an osprey Monday that was wrapped in fishing line, tethering her to a nest high on a light pole in Ocean Beach.

The bird had first been spotted stuck in the nest Sunday afternoon, according to a Humane Society statement.

“The osprey made several desperate attempts to free herself so she could feed her three nestlings,” the statement read.

The string entrapping her foot kept the bird from freeing herself from the nest atop a spotlight at Robb Field.

A partner osprey parent was also spotted nearby, overseeing the nest, and continued to bring food to the three nestlings since the other parent was unable to, the statement read.

With the help of a bucket truck and personnel from San Diego Gas & Electric, rescuers could reach the bird’s nest 40 feet above ground. At the direction of Project Wildlife’s Senior Director Dr. Jon Enyart on the ground, SDG&E crews were able to cut the bird free and bring her down to the ground.

“Thankfully, the Osprey had only suffered some minor scrapes and swelling from being caught in the fishing line and was released within minutes — minimizing the stress of human interaction,” the SDHS statement read.

Immediately following the rescue, the osprey flew a lap around the baseball diamond, then promptly returned to her nestlings, according to Humane Society officials.