A Home of Guiding Hands staff member works with a client.

Home of Guiding Hands, a nonprofit organization that offers various services to those with developmental disabilities, honored long-term staff members during a celebration event, officials said Friday.

The group’s annual 25-Year Club luncheon happened Thursday at Home of Guiding Hands’ headquarters in El Cajon.

Home of Guiding Hands honored Jan Adams, the chief financial officer who will retire at the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year after serving for over 26 years.

Jan Adams
Jan Adams. Courtesy LinkedIn

The other members who worked a quarter-century with the nonprofit are Teressa Boisvert for 47 years of service; JoAnn Benson-Sterner (46 years); Raymond Arcon (41 years); Steve  Grieger (40 years); Myron Oleska (37 years); Lisa Blucher (36 years); Wendy Hernandez (35 years); Maria Rhoan (34 years); Shawna Sigler and Lisa Kruis (33 years); Cyndie Harper (32 years); Sharie McCann and Betty Hughes (28 years); and Kathleen Samples, Marie Mongiardo and Wendy Smith (26 years).

According to Home of Guiding Hands, members “represented a diverse range of jobs, ranging from front line heath care workers to administrative and support staff members.”

The 800-employee Home of Guiding Hands serves children and adults with disabilities including Down syndrome, epilepsy, autism and cerebral palsy in San Diego and Imperial counties.

The nonprofit helps almost 4,000 people in 28 specialized group homes, early childhood development programs and independent living facilities. It provides countywide transportation services, free counseling, life-skills training, respite care and vocational assistance. More information is available at www.guidinghands.org.

City News Service contributed to this article.