Future Family recently announced a first-of-its-kind plan for American families wanting to expand their families.
Photo courtesy of Future Family/Drew Bird Photography

Infertility in the U.S. is high with 20% of the American population reportedly needing some form of fertility support. Most of these patients go through two to four rounds of in vitro fertilization with each cycle costing as much as $22,000, according to reports.

How do families pay for these bills to expand their families? For some lucky families, they may have the cash on hand but for others, they turn to credit cards and loans. 

Future Family, a leading family-building platform that offers personalized payment plans for fertility care, hopes to help families today by offering 0% interest for 12 months. Families can also work with a personalized virtual fertility coach during treatment, all offered on platform.

Claire Tomkins, founder and CEO of Future Family, said it’s the right time to support families with interest rates hitting as high as 19.49%. 

“With record-high interest rates – and predictions that more increases are set to come in 2022, we’re proud to have a product that enables prospective parents to build their families with zero interest for up to 12 months, taking the stress out of paying for fertility care,” Tomkins said.

Local families are able to take advantage of the 0% financing plan at HRC Fertility. For a loan longer than 12-months, Future Family’s interest rates range between 5.99% and 15%.

“Future Family has helped fund thousands of varying fertility treatments,” Tomkins said. “We are committed to developing new offerings that expand access to people all over the country who are looking to build their families.”

For those interested in applying for financing, go to  futurefamily.com to begin the approval process. Tomkins said those who are already working with a clinic and let the clinic know they want to consider financing through Future Family to get the process started. 

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