Mary Williams. Courtesy photo

If you login to Instagram, you’re likely overwhelmed with the different mom influencers out there. It can be difficult to determine which influencer to follow for recommendations. I’ve scoped social and found three that are worth your follow.

Mary Williams @mrs_williamzz

Southern California mom Mary Williams didn’t plan to be an influencer. She began an Instagram account with her husband to share their passion for wearing matching outfits. After 18 years of partnership, her Instagram account (mrs_williamzz) spiraled into an account highlighting the outfits and outings for a family of four. 

“We saw how much people loved seeing our family matching outfits when we would be out and about, so creating a page for inspiration of family matching outfits was totally up our alley,” Williams said.

Today, Williams and her family share tips on places to explore in Southern California and the new must-have kid-friendly products. 

“There are so many hidden gems here in Southern California, and we want to explore them as a family and with our followers,” Williams said. “I promote what places and products we love and I want followers to know I’m an influencer that takes seriously what I promote. We genuinely love to have fun and hang out as a family and I think my followers can feel the genuine fun and humbleness we share.” 

Christina Furnival. Courtesy photo

Christina Furnival @christina.furnival and @CapableKiddosBooks

Christina Furnival is a Southern California therapist who began to attract a following when she shared her own experiences on @christina.furnival as a mother going through postpartum depression and anxiety. Her candid take on the challenges of becoming a mother attracted thousands of followers who could relate to her experience. 

“My account stands apart from others because I am fusing my personal experience and professional skills to support moms,” Furnival said. “Even with the training and experience I had as a mental health professional who worked exclusively with youth and their families, I was blindsided by the challenges of motherhood and how it impacted my sense of identity and purpose.”

Furnival’s Instagram account blossomed into a blog where she could expand on her experiences while sharing information with other mothers on how to cope with life’s ups and downs. She also started an Instagram account (@CapableKiddosBooks) to talk about children’s mental health. 

“My aim is to provide parents with quality information and tips to support their children to develop robust mental health,” Furnival said. “All that I do — through my website, blog, books, and therapy — is to help parents and children understand themselves better, navigate challenges confidently, and live the life they want.” 

Instagram is filled with mom influencers pushing events, products and more. Here are three who are worth your follow.
Joyce Lee. Courtesy photo

Joyce Lee @huddlebee

For mothers looking for unique family outings for all age ranges, Joyce Lee is your go-to-expert.

Lee, the mother of four children ranging in age from 6 to 13, gained a following (@huddlebee) after sharing various fun outings (including tips) with her children and husband. 

While some influencers may have small families, Lee stands apart by offering tips on how to cater to a big family with big needs. 

“We are a large family of six, and because of that, our posts not only have a friendly-for-big families-focus in mind, but also range in activities from grade school kids to teens,” Lee said. “My followers have said that looking at my page helps them with ideas on what to do on their family outings that are fun and doable, and not overwhelming. Others have said that we get them to do things that they haven’t tried before.”

Passionate about nature, events and theatre, Lee also focuses on food destinations that are kid-friendly. She will also offer suggestions for one-on-one outings with children. 

“We treasure every moment with them and want to create the best memories with them during these childhood and teen years,” Lee said. 

Who is another Southern California mom worth following? Tell us in the comments.


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