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Do you prefer your burger with bacon, lots of ketchup and skip the pickles, all on a sesame bun? Whatever your favorite is you’re not alone.

So, to celebrate the fan fave burger what not take part in National Cheeseburger Day this Sunday, Sept.  18?

According to the Burger Index – a study on consumption preferences and trends in America conducted by market research Top Data — there has been a significant increase in demand for burgers in the country. And Americans’ better half is the traditional cheeseburger so much so that this classic American food has grown by 10.6%, as consumer visits to 12 of the largest burger chains have increased since last year. Also, the highest consumption figures in the country were reported in May.

Burgers are the classic American meal, with french fries or onion rings … everyone in the country loves them! Do you know what California’s favorite chain is?

No. 1 In-N-Out Burger

The favorite burger chain in 3 states including Utah, and Arizona.

No. 2 McDonald’s

No. 3 A&W Restaurants

No. 4 Culver’s

No. 5 Carl’s Jr.

Even though In-N-Out is tops in California, Burger King is the chain with the highest growth in visits this year, compared to the 4 most popular chains in America.

What’s your favorite?

Map courtesy TOP Data

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TOP Data used a combination of GPS tracking data from the largest burger chains mixed with a survey of 1,000 Americans to determine the favorite burger chains.