Día de Muertos
Fisher-Price Little People in Día de Muertos dress. Courtesy of the company

Día de Muertos, a celebration reuniting the living and the dead, can now be celebrated through the decades-old toy Little People.

Fisher Price this month unveiled its collector figure set, which includes three characters adorned in traditional Día de Muertos attire. 

“Fisher-Price created this new set to honor the holiday for the millions that celebrate and to expose people unfamiliar with the tradition and rich meaning,” said a spokesperson. “The Little People collector line draws inspiration from culture to celebrate the diverse world. Fisher-Price previously recognized the holiday through social media and we heard from fans how much they wanted this set, so this year, to further honor the holiday, we created the Fisher-Price Little People Collector™ Día de Muertos set, featuring the annual tradition’s iconic motifs.”

The three-piece collector set includes:  A woman dressed in a traditional ruffled dress and cempasúchils, also known as “flowers of the dead,” whose fragrance is said to guide souls to their altar and their waiting families; A man with a sombrero and guitar, as musicians are known to play guitars throughout graveyards to serenade the dead; And a joyous calacas (skeleton), a notable symbol for Día de Muertos with a custom-designed skull.   

Fisher Price said it plans to continue to expand its offerings to “enable children to play out the world they see around them.”

The Día de Muertos collector set can be purchased from any major retailer.