Ukraine refugees U.S. Mexico border
Rozaliia Raison hugs Perseya after the pup’s quarantine ended. Photo credit: Courtesy, San Diego Humane Society

A Ukrainian refugee separated from her Pomeranian at the U.S.-Mexico border was reunited with her dog Sunday at the San Diego Humane Society.

The dog, Perseya, had to complete a rabies quarantine, which happened with the Humane Society’s help. The 28-day period began on April 30, and Perseya received care at the cociety’s Behavior Center, spokeswoman Nina Thompson said.

Perseya’s owner, Rozaliia Raison, from the Cherkasy region in Ukraine, arrived in Mexico with her husband and mother and entered the U.S. at the San Ysidro Point of Entry.

In April, the Humane Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partnered to make it possible for Ukrainian refugees crossing at the border to bring their pets along.

“Pets are family, and families should never be forced apart,” said Humane Society president and CEO Gary Weitzman. “As soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, we began looking for ways to support people with pets and the animals left behind by this tragedy … We’ll do whatever we can to help the animals and people impacted by this tragic crisis.”

The effort to support Ukrainian refugees entering the U.S. came a month after Weitzman traveled to Poland with Greater Good Charities on a mission to provide veterinary care and help the International Fund for Animal Welfare set up a veterinary clinic to support pets impacted by the war in Ukraine.

– City News Service