Courtesy of Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice host Patrick Quinn said his biggest priority is offering families an affordable experience and one he can be personally proud to share with his own family. 

Quinn, a long-time entertainer from Texas, knows the importance of family first-hand. He joined Disney on Ice after meeting his wife, China Quinn, a performer and ice skater. 

“I was originally hired to be a host for this show in shoes with ice spikes attached to them,” Quinn said. “I wanted to be a part of her world so I started training seriously.” 

Quinn said he began training four to six hours daily for four months before being offered the opportunity to join the Disney on Ice show as an ice skater. 

Quinn will be joined with other performers when the show returns to Pechanga Arena from April 28 to May 1. The show will feature Mickey Mouse himself, along with scenes from popular Disney movies such as “Moana,” “Frozen,” “Toy Story” and “Inside Out.”

Patrick Quinn. Courtesy photo

Quinn said the show is unlike any other Disney on Ice performance. 

“To those who have seen Disney on Ice five years ago and think they know what to expect — I’d say throw your expectations out the window,” he said.  “You’ll still watch gorgeous figure skaters like Cinderella and Prince Charming floating across the ice, dancing as if in a dream — but you’ve never seen Jasmine launch into a backflip with Aladdin’s help and you’ve never seen Ariel fly 30 feet into the air by a single hand from the Spanish web.” 

Quinn said Feld Entertainment, the company behind Disney on Ice, is constantly innovating to keep shows fresh. 

“We, at Feld Entertainment, have been working to incorporate bigger and more impressive acts and routines,” Quinn said. “We are constantly innovating and adapting our performances, growing with technology and artistic creativity, to bring our dreams to the ice while honoring Walt Disney’s original vision for these wonderful stories and worlds.” 

And to keep it family-friendly, Quinn said guests can always expect budget-friendly prices.

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