Courtesy of San Diego Gives

San Diego Gives, a campaign that connects San Diegans with local causes, has officially begun its 2022 campaign, encouraging nonprofits to sign up. 

The campaign, founded by Lauren Welch, who also serves as the development director for Urban Corps of San Diego County, aims to educate San Diegans about local charities in need. Last year, in its inaugural year, the campaign raised nearly $500,000 for more than 100 nonprofits. This year, Welch said the goal is to raise $2 million. 

“The idea for San Diego Gives came right after Giving Tuesday 2019,” Welch said. “Giving Tuesday is very over-saturated, and I had the idea to find a way we could provide something similar, but locally, caring for the nonprofit organizations that care for the people of San Diego. The goal is to educate the community on the nonprofits here, help them find a new partner they can support and provide the needed funds for nonprofits to continue to do the great work they do in San Diego. The goal is San Diegans taking care of San Diego nonprofits who take care of our neighbors.” 

Courtesy of San Diego Gives

Donors can choose to give to one or more nonprofits through the San Diego Gives platform. It is straightforward to learn about new organizations and their work. Welch said the campaign addresses one of the biggest challenges for donors: Finding a connection. 

“All of our local nonprofits need community partners to provide needed donations and volunteers to help provide their programs,” Welch said. “San Diego Gives works together with our local nonprofits to support their capacity building efforts and connection to the community.”

Nonprofits that participate in the campaign will also have access to San Diego Gives University, a six-month program that will educate charities on how to build donor relationships and fundraising skills. 

The campaign is now open for early bird registration until the end of the month. Regular registration runs from April1 through May 31. Registration fees for nonprofits are based on a sliding scale according to the organization’s annual budget, $25-$100. A selection panel will confirm eligible 501(c)(3) organizations’ efforts support the San Diego community. 

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