Lyft Circulate San Diego
Signs that will be on display, left, to encourage usage of scooter corrals, as seen on the right. Photo credit: Courtesy

Lyft and local transportation-focused nonprofit Circulate San Diego have begun a temporary Scooter Corral Parking Education program emphasizing the safety and benefits of riders parking scooters in existing on-street corrals.

The rideshare company and the nonprofit made the announcement Thursday.

For the next month, temporary educational signage will be installed at scooter corrals in Little Italy, downtown and the East Village.

“We believe scooter corrals are a great tool for reducing the number of scooters on sidewalks,” said Colin Parent, executive director and general counsel at Circulate San Diego. “This educational program has the opportunity to inform scooter riders of the many benefits of parking in the scooter corrals when using these micro-mobility devices.”

The signs informs riders of a $1 discount for parking in the scooter corrals and sidewalk safety benefits, adding a QR code so they riders can easily access a mobile map to find the nearest corral.

“Making space for scooters with corrals gives predictability to riders, while helping to bring order to streets and sidewalks,” said David Fairbank, general manager of Lyft Bikes & Scooters for California. “With over 500 corrals and more on the way, the San Diego program and our educational partnership with Circulate San Diego represent a north star that other cities should follow.”

Lyft includes the locations of all scooter corrals or preferred parking spots, along with bike lane infrastructure, on the company’s mobile app.

San Diego also manages an online scooter corral map. The corral program launched in the city in April 2019.