Credit San Diegans for ingenuity. Besides sleds, they brought blow-up mattresses, pool inflatables, Boogie Boards and sheets of plastic to ride the snow that blanketed areas above 4,000 feet Wednesday.

Taking advantage of a break between storms, drivers lined up along the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, creating at times a bit of a traffic jam.

But it seemed worth it for families who hit the snowy hills, and at time caught air thanks to bumps in the path.

Toddlers to senior citizens created speedy, smooth paths due to repeated runs. Some joyriders descended on their bellies. Others on their backs. And still others tried a surfing style, which ended in quick spills.

Screams of joy, cheering and dogs barking echoed through the recreation area. By early afternoon, parking spaces along the snowy landscape were hard to find.

Two storms dumped inches of snow over the weekend and Monday. San Diegans also got more than an inch of rain mixed with hail and some thunder.

Chains were required in the afternoon on Sunrise Highway. Thirteen miles down the highway, roads were closed to the public (not to local residents) because of snowy road conditions.

Mount Laguna weather was in the low to mid 40s on Wednesday and was expected to hit 43 on Thursday, but then dip down to only a high of 30 Friday with snow.

Rain and snow are expected Thursday night, through Friday and possibly into Friday night, according to the National Weather Service.

It is expected to be windy Thursday night with a southwest wind 25 to 30 mph. Gusts may reach as strong as 50 mph, the weather service says.

Long-range forecasts calls for a slight chance on snow again next Wednesday.

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