Athletic Brewing Company. Courtesy photo

Athletic Brewing Company, the non-alcoholic beer company with a location in San Diego, announced its offering a “survival pack” for those looking to go “dry” this month.

With the new year, many are choosing to change their diets, including cutting out alcohol during the month of January. In 2019, an estimated 69 million Americans (20%) went “dry” during January. According to Nielsen, 66% of U.S. adults, 21-34, are consciously reducing their alcoholic consumption.

Athletic Brewing Company, dubbed as America’s first brewery dedicated solely to brewing nonalcoholic beers, hopes this mindset will steer people their way.

“Athletic Brewing is focused on reminding beer lovers that being dry doesn’t have to be about giving something up and doesn’t have to end in January. It’s about living life to the fullest and above all, living without compromise to the best of your ability each and every day of the year,” said Athletic Brewing co-founder Bill Shufelt. “Athletic Brewing will see a lift in sales from December to January when the rest of the industry’s sales go down. We are taking nonalcoholic beers out of the penalty box, creating new occasions for beer and more importantly opening the eyes of drinkers looking to maximize their performance in every facet of life.”

The company is offering a “survival pack,” which includes five six-packs of Run Wild IPA, Upside Dawn, Free Wave Double Hop IPA, All Out Stout, Cerveza Atletica, and a branded Athletic Brewing glass. The Dry January Survival Pack will be available at while supplies last. Each beer features fewer than 90 calories, the full-flavored refreshment of craft beer, all-natural ingredients, and no alcohol or hangover.

The nonalcoholic beer market in the U.S. surged to $132 million in 2019 and, despite the pandemic, the nonalcoholic craft beer market is up 298% year-to-date. Athletic Brewing surpassed its 2019 brewing levels in May of this year and its sales are up 500% year-over-year. In just its third year of operation, the company has outgrown the 12,000 barrel capacity of its brewery headquartered in Connecticut and expanded its capacity by adding 125,000 barrels in its new San Diego facility.

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