Courtesy of Athletic Brewing Company

Athletic Brewing Company, the non-alcoholic brewer with a San Diego location, recently announced the limited release IPA “AfterShift,” a refreshing blend of Lemon Verbena and Bay Leaves, made even more dynamic with Cascade hops.

The company describes the newest IPA as a “delicate malt profile made of Triticale and Organic Vienna varieties plays backup to the assertive and aromatic symphony of the hops and herbs. The finish is a bright and effervescent burst of freshness and is both fragrant and mouth-watering.”

“The after shift in a restaurant is a very unique time. The rush is over and people are starting to get lax. It’s all about taking a break. For me, to have the after shift be non-alcoholic is even more powerful because mixing alcohol with mental health meds was like adding gas to a fire,” said Chef Chris Cosentino, who partnered with Athletic Brewing to launch the IPA. “I always have these crazy ideas about mixing flavors in an effort to create taste memories. AfterShift smashes together the botanicals you have in gin, the effervescent of champagne, and the hoppy bitterness of a great IPA to create flavor that works really well with food. A great beer should complement the food not mask it.”

Named by Fast Company magazine as one of the “World’s Most Innovative” companies in 2020, craft-beer fans can find Athletic Brewing’s revolutionary Upside Dawn Golden Ale, Run Wild IPA, Cerveza Atletica (Copper Ale) at major retailers like Total Wine and Whole Foods. Athletic also ships directly to consumers at where athletic beer lovers can purchase Athletic’s full portfolio of flagship, seasonal and specialty beers plus join the brewer’s subscription offering – The Athletic Club.

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