Miramar Recycling Center
The Miramar Recycling Center. Courtesy of the city

The Recycling Division in the County Department of Public Works Friday offered recycling tips for post-holiday greeting cards, gift wrappings, packages and lights.

Gift-giving and online shopping result in discarded packaging, not all of which can be safely recycled. Cardboard boxes can be broken down and recycled, while manila envelopes and bubble-wrap are not recyclable. Non- recyclable items are not to be put in recycling bins, but should be considered for re-use.

Like packaging, not all holiday cards should be added to a recycling bin. Simple paper cards and envelopes can be added to blue bins. But if cards have glitter, foil, metallic inks or other adornments, they cannot be recycled. If a card has a glitzy front and plain-paper backing, simply tear the card in two, recycle the back and put the glitzy front in the trash.

Old holiday lights should not be put in recycling bins. They can tangle up recycling equipment and also pose a danger to workers in recycling centers.

For more recycling options, visit WasteFreeSD.org.

–City News Service