Sign for Alpine on I-8
Sign for Alpine on Interstate 8. Photo by Amin Eshaiker via Wikimedia Commons

A high wind advisory is in effect on Interstate 8 for the approximately 75 miles of freeway between Alpine in rural East County and the San Diego-Imperial county line, the National Weather Service said Wednesday.

Due to gusty winds in this area, Caltrans is warning drivers to slow down, use caution and stay safe.

The interstate straddles the San Diego-Imperial county line for a few miles before turning east. At the Mountain Springs/In Ko Pah grade, the freeway is routed down two separate canyons, Devils Canyon for westbound traffic, and In-Ko-Pah Gorge for eastbound traffic.

The road descends 3,000 feet for 11 miles. This portion of the road is known for high winds through the canyons that have made driving difficult, sometimes resulting in closure of the freeway.

In addition to the gusty winds, heavy snow and rain, are expected on Thursday, bringing dangerous driving conditions.

–City News Service

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