A 19-year-old Dallas native with nose ring and mandolin gave his name as Seven. He and three fellow buskers found luck with thousands of others Saturday night.

No rain at the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade.

With a guitar case open (“Sushi n’ Weed” said to be the goal), Seven was joined by his wife, 24-year-old Stormy Delp of Tucson, and a couple they met several days ago — harmonica player Sedrick, 23, and 35-year-old Jennifer Wojciechowski of Chicago.

“Ocean Beach is a lot warmer than other places,” Seven said outside the Miss Match boutique on Newport Avenue. He and Delp said they were seeing the ocean for the first time.

Sedrick (who gave no last name) and Wojciechowski shared the sidewalk near the street-spanning “Happy OB Holidays” sign with Seven and Delp as the 40th annual parade danced past — with shops, eateries and bars packed to the gills.

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Thousands of Obeceans and other San Diegans celebrated the holidays in typical Ocean Beach fashion — cheering a joyful and funky low-tech parade sponsored by the OB Town Council.

More than 100 units — including one of just “OB Neighbors” representing no cause or commercial interest — headed west toward the traditionally tilted Christmas tree near the reconstructed pier. Temps in the mid-60s were a welcome respite from recent stormy weather.

Whiskered cat had good moves at the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade. Photo by Ken Stone

Frank Gormlie —- the political activist and advocacy journalist with OB Rag — showed his goofy side as a parade announcer for the fifth or sixth year, warming up the crowd with readings from the book “Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids.”

(“What do you call four bullfighters in quicksand? Quatro sinko,” he said. “When does Newport Avenue get angry? When somebody crosses it.”)

Mostly Gormlie followed a script (helpfully printed in bigger type this year), giving shoot-outs to every unit. (“Hey, guys, let’s hear it for the post office!”) and local politicians — Mayor Kevin Faulconer and mayor candidate Assemblyman Todd Gloria (riding in vehicles, Gloria with a reindeer doll at his side) and county Supervisor Nathan Fletcher (given credit for walking).

David Moore of Ocean Beach (nicknamed “Double Trouble”) entertained fellow spectators — dressed as a Christmas tree with mittens that lit up red.

Judges at the end of the 90-minute parade looked to award prizes (next month) in seven categories — Best Use of Lights, Best OB Spirit, Most Unusual, Best Kids Group, Best Performance, Best Live Music and Best Overall.

Everything was loosey-goosey as marchers (mostly) obeyed volunteers holding “Speed Up” signs. But one rule was sacrosanct.

“There is only ONE official Santa Claus in the parade, designated by the OBTC; other complete Santa Claus outfits or costumes are NOT PERMITTED in the parade,” said guidelines. “Santa hats are acceptable.”

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