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The Helen Woodward Animal Center reminded residents Thursday to be aware of orphaned kittens over the next several months after one was found at San Diego City College.

County resident Greg Martindale found the 6-week old kitten in the wheel well of a car in the college parking lot and delivered it to the shelter Tuesday morning. The kitten, named Gardenia Greg in honor of Martindale, is currently being fed and receiving medical care until it is old enough to be neutered. After that, the shelter will begin searching for his forever home.

Animal care staff at the Helen Woodward Animal Center took the kitten’s arrival as a sign that “kitten season” has begun in earnest. April through the summer months are generally considered kitten season because animal shelters often see a large number of orphaned and abandoned kittens brought in by residents.

“Stray mother cats seek warm spots to have their litters but often the litters end up in dangerous spots and their stories can have tragic endings,” said Tracy Woodworth, the shelter’s animal care supervisor. “Cars parked outside, garden sheds, garages, attics and even outdoor barbecues, are all very common spots for stray kittens to hide and they can be easily overlooked.”

Shelter staff advised residents to check their cars and other warm, dark areas for stray and orphaned cats and kittens. Should one come across a full litter of kittens, the shelter advised residents to wait to see if the litter’s mother returns as the kittens have a much higher chance of survival with their mother.

Residents can assist the shelter as it cares for the influx of kittens by donating at or purchasing supplies from its Amazon wish list, which can be found at

–City News Service

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