Donated blood at the San Diego Blood Bank. Image from video

Donors to the San Diego Blood Bank will provide more than 38,000 meals to San Diego families in need this holiday season through a partnership with the San Diego Food Bank, it was announced Friday.

The partnership enabled blood donors to donate their loyalty points to the food bank during the San Diego Cares blood drive. Those donations will help the food bank provide a total of 38,741 meals to hungry families, according to the blood bank.

“Over 1,700 blood donors stepped up in a two-week timeframe to double down on their impact for people in need,” said San Diego Blood Bank CEO David Wellis. “We are so thankful for and proud of San Diego’s blood donor community.”

According to the blood bank, San Diego Cares replaced the San Diego Chargers Blood Drive when the football team moved to Los Angeles in 2017. The blood bank expanded the program this year when the opportunity to work with the food bank arose. The San Diego Cares blood drive runs through Jan. 15.

“We are thrilled about the results of this amazing partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank,” said San Diego Food Bank President and CEO James Floros. “The community really stepped up to the plate this holiday season by donating both blood and food to those in need! On behalf of the Food Bank and those we serve, a huge thank you to the Blood Bank and their donors for supporting our mission.”

–City News Service

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