Sprinkler Irrigation
Photo credit: Wiki Commons

The city of San Diego frequently offers residents money saving ways to help conserve water and is currently providing a rebate for homeowners who install new rain gutters after Dec. 1, 2018.

Rebate amounts range from $62.50 to $500 depending on the quantity and type of materials (PVC, aluminum, steel) used for the gutters.

Rain gutters efficiently capture rainwater from rooftops and divert runoff away from paved surfaces and storm drains and into a green space, landscapes, and/or rain barrels. Diverting rainwater naturally filters out pollutants which can otherwise flow into San Diego’s storm drains and eventually into our ocean, bays and estuaries. Rain gutters also protect a home’s roof and foundation.

The rebate comes just in time for the winter months when San Diego normally gets the most rain. More information about this and other rebates, as well as additional water conservation options, is available on the City’s website at www.sandiego.gov/rebates.

This rebate and other water and money saving measures support the City’s Climate Action Plan to create a more sustainable city.

– City of San Diego