Central Library
The San Diego Central Library. Photo by Navid Serrano via Wikimedia Commons

The San Diego Public Library announced Monday a series of workshops aimed at helping residents navigate the media landscape in an era of so-called “fake news.”

In the free “Breaking News @ the Library” series, library staff, reporters, editors and academics will offer tips on how to become a citizen journalist, identify trustworthy information sources and identify bias.

“Libraries are in the business of not just providing sources of information but helping patrons discern the best sources available,” said Misty Jones, library director. “‘Breaking News @ the Library’ will offer participants a chance to learn about the news cycle, what goes into reporting and how they can make sure they are more discerning of their information sources.”

The first program, “Citizen Journalism” will be held at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 31 in the Shiley Special Events Suite on the ninth floor of the Central Library.

The one-hour session will review the daily process of reporting, the difference between real news and so-called “fake news” and how to be a responsible citizen reporter. It will be presented by the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

At 6 p.m. Feb. 20, “Literacy and You” will be led by two librarians who will train participants now how to read news critically. The one-hour program will review cognitive bias, the importance of using multiple sources and the need for verification and accountability in news reports. The session will be held at the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library.

On Feb. 28, “Minorities in the Media” will feature a moderated panel discussion with print, online and broadcast journalists from the National Association of Black Journalists and the Asian American Journalist Association. The 7 p.m. session will be held at the Central Library.

At 7 p.m. March 20, “Women and Media” will feature a panel of female reporters, editors and professors addressing women working as journalists, coverage of women’s issues and how women are portrayed in news reports. It will be held at the La Jolla/Riford Library.

— City News Service