Boston terriers Maggie and Orbit
The Boston terriers Maggie and Orbit. Photo by Hannah Zulueta, original photo on Houzz

By Brenna Malmberg | Houzz

Boston terriers Maggie and Orbit rest up during the day, napping in their owner’s home office, so they can go on adventures once the workday ends.

Pets at a Glance

  • Pets: Orbit and Maggie, both Boston terriers
  • Ages: 1½ and 2
  • Location: San Diego
  • Owner: Hannah Zulueta, who handles branding and social media for small businesses through her company, Coterie Agency

Meet Orbit: She’s the younger one and is known as the goofy, sweet one. Her full name is Love You to the Moon and Back, but it’s Orbit for short, because Zulueta’s partner got to pick her name, and he likes space.

Meet Maggie: She’s the smart and quirky one. Zulueta came up with her full name, Magnolia May, after passing some blooming Magnolia trees, which appear to be Zulueta’s favorite.

As a pair, “They are truly the best of friends,” Zulueta says. “It’s like watching two partners in crime. They play together, sleep together and are inseparable.”

Bandanas: Pooch Crafts

Workday companions: Zulueta works from home, and Maggie and Orbit are nearly always by her side. They nap in her office while she works; she calls this their “energy preserve mode.” They use that energy to join Zulueta and her partner during daily activities and adventures. Bookmark These Home Office Ideas for a Productive Workspace.

Payment method: Homemade tuna fudge treats that Zulueta makes, or treats from Real Pet Food

Favorite part of the day: Walk time. Maggie and Orbit join Zulueta on a morning walk before work and then they head to Fiesta Island Park to meet up with other dog families with whom Zulueta has connected through Instagram. “We meet at Fiesta Island and catch up on our day together while our dogs play,” she says.

They also go on adventures with other pet groups, such as a hobby sheep-chasing event.

Dog house: Inside, these two wrestle, tumble, zoom around and play tug. “They are either at 100 mph or 0 mph,” Zulueta says. Because they can be so active, she has moved any decorative or fragile items up to higher shelves. Stylish Shelves to Keep Fragile Items Away From Pets.

Cleaning routine: The home has mostly hardwood floors, which makes pet hair cleanup easier. “Even though they are small, they shed,” she says. Zulueta and her partner sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs every other day to keep everything looking fresh.

The dogs get a weekly bath in the sink. At night, they get a wipe down with a diluted daily grooming solution.

Pet beds: Maggie and Orbit share three beds: one in Zulueta’s office, one in the dining room and one in the kitchen. The kitchen one is their favorite. “They watch our every move in the hopes we drop food, and then they come running,” Zulueta says.

They enjoy chewing on treats or cuddling in their beds. Eventually, the cuddles turn into naps.

Beds: Petco

Sometimes they nap in the outdoor hammock, which Zulueta helps them get into. Lounge Around With Your Pet in a Lovely New Hammock.

Photo inspiration: Maggie and Orbit have become creative muses for Zulueta and have helped her improve her photography skills. They don’t seem to mind. Lately, they have even posed for commercial photography, including one for dog food.

Chair: Local estate sale

Home sweet home: “They bring happiness and laughter on a more-than-regular basis,” she says. “They make our home come alive.”