Remodeled bathroom
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By Allison McLeay | Houzz

Walking into this house that’s home to seven kids and three dogs, designer Bonnie Bagley Catlin knew the space needed to be family-friendly but have elegant touches that brought relaxation to the busy household. The family had been renting the home for a while but recently decided it was where they wanted to live for good and purchased it.

Bathroom at a Glance

Scope of work: The bathroom remodel involved enlarging the shower, adding a freestanding tub and installing porcelain tiles on the floor, around the shower wall and inside the shower.

 Before: The original bathroom design had a lot of wasted space — and a fireplace.


After: The designer and family made a long list of changes they wanted to see. First on the list was removal of the fireplace to make room for a larger shower. Next was getting rid of the original tub to make space for a freestanding option. The enlarged showering and bathing areas make the room more functional for the family. The Case for Getting a Freestanding Tub in the Bath.

Layout: “I like to try and play with the original architectural structure and see how it could be honored,” Bagley Catlin says. “Then work within that, because you’ll be shocked it was the same room.” During the planning stages, she realized that the existing windows would look great in the redesign.

Color: Bagley Catlin, taking note of the coastal feel throughout the rest of the home, wanted to incorporate that in the new bathroom. She had the room painted a light blue, which conveys a peaceful, spa-like feel, and used accents in white, wood and aqua.

Lighting: The original windows give the room a natural, comfortable glow. Bagley Catlin added different pieces of lighting throughout the room, such as the chandelier above the tub. While not a beacon of light, it nicely finishes off the space.

Wall paint: Take Five, Sherwin-Williams; towels: Fieldcrest, Target; tub: Monaco, Victoria + Albert Baths; tub filler: Asilomar, California Faucets; chandelier: Aldergrove three-light semi-flush mount, Alcott Hill

Shower: The shower was kept in its original location but was expanded to cover the space where the fireplace stood. It went from a 3-by-3-foot corner unit to a 4-by-7-foot dream shower.

Shelving: The etagere, already owned by the client, holds bath salts and candles.

Cart: Newbury, Restoration Hardware

Bigger shower: The larger, taller shower and its fixtures were especially important to Dad, who is 6-foot-4. Beyond the added space, Bagley Catlin wanted to get more out of the wall dividing the shower and tub. She designed the two-height wall to house the water controls and provide extra storage space within the shower. Ergonomic Shower Heads in Every Style, Material and Finish.

Shower head: Montara series, California Faucets

Shower walls: Bagley Catlin added a feature wall inside the shower to break up the expanse of porcelain tile and create a more pleasing look. The wall is made of ceramic tiles laid over glass. Crushed colored glass chips are then used to fill in the spaces between the tiles. This gives the appearance of a thousand glittering diamonds, Bagley Catlin says.

Shower lighting: The designer likes to have two recessed lights in the shower when possible. “I think that by paying attention to the lighting, you avoid dark spots and also get to see all the beautiful materials you put in the space,” she says. “If lighting gets missed, it can kill your project.”

Shower wall tiles: Zebrino, Stonepeak; accent tile: arabesque pattern in Smoke, Barossa Valley Crystal Glass collection, Maniscalco; floor tile: tumbled travertine mosaic, Stone-Mart

Shower seat: The shower seat features a handheld sprayer and more niches. If you strategically place your niches, Bagley Catlin says, you can avoid distracting from an accent wall or other special feature.

Cabinets: Bagley Catlin chose Shaker-style cabinet fronts for the room to provide visual interest and depth. She says these have been especially popular with her clients.

Flooring: Similar to the porcelain on the walls, the floors are porcelain with a wood look. Because the couple work full time, as well as have a full house, this more expensive material best suited them because it requires the least maintenance.

Pro tip: A bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, especially budget-wise, Bagley Catlin says. She always reminds her clients that a whole-bathroom remodel can cost as much as a kitchen remodel, especially if they want materials such as porcelain tile. That’s why she finds it important to sit down with her clients and find out their budget and needs, to ensure they’re looking at the appropriate materials and fixtures. Treat Yourself With Cute and Budget-Friendly Bathroom Accessories.

Project length: The bathroom remodel took seven months. Happy with the outcome of this project, as well as a master bedroom and pool addition, the family is excited to continue making their house a home one room at a time.

Porcelain floor tiles: Spice, American Estates, South Cypress; sink faucets: Montara series, California Faucets; medicine cabinet: Verdera, Kohler; cabinet hardware: Schaub and Company; cabinets: Medallion

Contractor: Ias builders