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By Julie Sheer | Houzz

A tiny house might not be right for everyone as a full-time residence, but for a summer or early fall getaway it could be just the ticket. Some are on wheels and meant to be transported to amazing vacation spots, while others stay put on foundations. All are super cute and provide great inspiration for getaway escapes. Think Airbnb on a small scale. Take a look at eight tiny houses that would make fabulous getaways.

1. Tiny Boxcar

This tiny house is one of several designs offered by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. The 24-foot-long Boxcar model is 260 square feet of high-quality features, including tongue-and-groove pine flooring, metal roofing, sliding barn doors and attractive lighting.

The cozy downstairs bedroom has shiplap siding. The home also includes a large loft bedroom, a built-in laundry, a tile shower and slab countertops. Have a Sleeping Loft? Add a Ladder to Complete the Look.

2. Wood Wonderland

Tipsy the Tiny House was constructed entirely of reclaimed wood by Chad Kuntz of Elliot Bay Design Build, who designed and built the structure. The exterior is Douglas fir, and the front door is mahogany. It’s transportable and currently sits in a backyard in Seattle, Kuntz says.

A ladder leads to the sleeping loft. There’s a built-in bar in the kitchen. The interior ceiling is Douglas fir, the floors are walnut and the walls are oak. All the cabinets were handmade, and there’s a fireplace, air conditioning, internet service, a built-in sound system and a smart TV. “Literally every appliance in it is the highest-end product you could find,” Kuntz says.

After building Tipsy, Kuntz started designing and building affordable tiny houses with his team of

builders, who he says can make a tiny house in about four weeks.

3. Curved Spaces

This tiny house in Bokenas, Sweden, is dubbed Hus-1 and measures 269 square feet. The unique curved-wall structure is freestanding and can be moved anywhere. It was constructed in place out of bent and glued dry wood, which makes it stable as well as lightweight, designer Torsten Ottesjö says on his website. Ottesjö says he wanted to create surfaces to lean against comfortably, like in an armchair.

The walls and roof have a surface layer of biodegradable, cellulose-based, reinforced board, which is resistant to water and wind, Ottesjö says. “Small houses are energy efficient and environmentally friendly,” he says.

4. Tiny Craftsman

This tiny house from Timbercraft Tiny Homes is dubbed the Denali and is 37 feet long with 352 square feet of space. The company uses metal roofing for durability, which is useful when the homes are transported on highways to their destinations. The exterior is western cedar, and the front porch folds up for travel. There’s also an outdoor shower on the side of the house.

The Denali’s living area has shiplap pine walls, timber-framed beaming, room for a sofa and stool seating at a kitchen bar, where there’s plenty of custom cabinetry for storage. There are two stories of windows and efficient LED lighting. Storage Cabinets to Fit the Smallest of Spaces.

There’s also a large loft for sleeping or storage. The company’s homes come with standard RV-style hookups for water, electricity and sewer.

5. Solar and Sustainable

This tiny home in Sebastopol, California, with its 10 windows and glass door, features passive solar design. Measuring 160 square feet, the exterior has clear-grade cedar siding and 3 inches of closed-cell spray foam insulation. The Basics of Spray Foam Installation.

The ceilings, walls and sleeping-loft floor were constructed of sustainable blue-stain beetle-kill ponderosa pine, says owner Alek Lisefski on his website. Lisefski builds tiny homes, and designed and mostly constructed this one himself. He sells plans and tiny house guides on The Tiny Project.

6. Simple and Sturdy

This portable home in Spain by Ábaton Architecture measures about 290 square feet. The exterior is constructed of gray cement wood board, a composite of compressed wood particles and cement, with 4½-inch thermal insulation.

The interior has a living room-kitchen, full bathroom and double bedroom. Large sliding glass

doors bring the outdoors inside. The gabled roof provides a ceiling height that reaches nearly 11½ feet. Timber panels of Spanish fir dyed white contribute to the bright interior.

7. Off the Grid in Ojai

Designer Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design designed and built this off-the-grid tiny house in Ojai, California. The 140-square-foot home has an exterior deck that doubles the living space. The decking is wood reclaimed from fallen trees and siding from an old house. The French doors and kitchen window are also reclaimed wood.

The simple yet stylish interior has plenty of natural light. The multifunctional great room serves as living room, dining room, media room, guest bedroom and yoga room.

8. Compact and Cute

The Ynez tiny house model from Oregon Cottage Company measures 212 square feet and has cedar siding, a metal roof, a porch and an awning. Double-paned low-emissivity windows help insulate against heat loss in the winter and keep the house cool in the summer.

The sleeping loft has tongue-and-groove tight-knot pine walls and ceiling and finished maple plywood flooring.

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