Courtesy of the Chopra Center

The world-renowned Chopra Center in Carlsbad recently launched a massage treatment aimed at healing and nourishing breast tissue, and helping those recovering from breast cancer.

The Ayurvedic breast massage treatment is based on a 5,000-year-old healing practice based in India that calls for a state of balance in the body. The treatment, which took more than one year to develop, was created because of the lack of massages that focus on the breasts, said Jennifer Johnson, director of spa at The Chopra Center and the creator of the Ayurvedic breast massage.

“Over years of work we found that many women work through complicated issues with their breasts, confusion from oversexualizing the breast and shame carried through various belief system, and also that women very rarely touch their breasts,” Johnson said. “We also saw women confronting complicated emotions after recovery from breast surgeries, everything from biopsies, lumpectomies mastectomies, reconstruction and augmentations. So, we wanted to make the Ayurvedic breast massage available to help women be proactive about their health, heal from conditions and procedures, and get back in touch with their bodies.”

But the treatment isn’t just beneficial for women recovering from cancer or surgery, Johnson said. The massage can also help improve the range of motion and increase the flow of energy.

“ One of the reasons we developed the Ayurvedic breast massage was to address the many complicated emotional and somatic responses we were witnessing,” Johnson said.

Roughly sixty clients have experienced the treatment since its launch, according to Johnson who has worked in holistic health for 14 years.

“With the Ayurvedic breast massage, we hope to change the conversation about women’s health from primarily reactive to preventative,” she said. “We aim to be the premier provider of prevention and treatment for female breast health. We aim to bring awareness back into the body and breast, to help women know what healthy tissue feels like, and to understand what a healthy breast feels like so we can better catch abnormalities early on.”

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