Don't feed the birds sign
A new sign warning against feeding the birds.
Courtesy Port of San Diego

Signs discouraging people from feeding birds are being installed in four locations along San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach, the Port of San Diego announced Tuesday.

The signs at Shelter Island Shoreline Park, Chula Vista’s Bayside Park, the Coronado Ferry Landing and Imperial Beach Pier are in response to an uptick in people leaving food out for birds in parks, resulting in an increase of seagulls, pigeons and other varieties of birds, port officials said.

The signs ask people to refrain from feeding birds, cite state and federal law and also say, “Bird feed increases birds’ dependence on people for food, which can lead to overpopulation and ecological imbalance. Bird feeding can also contribute to high bacteria levels, which can reduce water quality and lead to beach closures.”

According to the port, birds rummage through trash receptacles, strewing debris and leaving large amounts of fecal deposits, impacting water quality.

Once the signs are installed, the Harbor Police will begin enforcement, port officials said.

—City News Service