Rumors filled Twitter that stated the TSA banned comic books in checked bags.

The 2017 Comic-Con International Convention wrapped up this weekend with fans traveling home with memorabilia, including comic books.

But, shortly after the popular event closed, Twitter became flooded with claims that fans were told they could not have comic books in their checked luggage.

In fact, United Airlines apparently told travelers the rule came directly from the Transportation Security Administration, the federal agency tasked with ensuring air travel is safe.

United Airlines tweeted Sunday, “The restriction on checking comic books applies to all airlines operating out of San Diego this weekend and is set by the TSA.”

But, the TSA denied that it told travelers or airlines that comic books were banned in checked luggage. A spokesperson confirmed to Times of San Diego that the rumor was false.

A spokesperson for the TSA referred Times of San Diego to a blog about books in checked luggage. The blog states the agency “were testing the removal of books at two airport locations and the testing ran its course. We’re no longer testing and have no intentions of instituting those procedures.”

The TSA blog states the agency tested the removal of books because they have been used to hide prohibited items.