It’s a fast-growing industry for a population that seems to be becoming busier and busier: the food delivery industry.

It feels like ages ago when you’re only options for getting food delivered were greasy pizza and and Chinese food. Today, you can likely have almost any type of food delivered to your doorstep from any restaurant you like thanks to the rise of food delivery businesses.

Here are just five food delivery apps worth trying if you’re determined to have your cravings fulfilled without leaving the house (or office):


Founded in 2013 in the Bay Area, DoorDash became available to San Diegans in 2015. The app, like most others, can pick up food from any restaurants in San Diego and have it delivered to your doorsteps. It’s unique because it also picks up alcohol for anyone experiencing those long days or if you just need a pint.


Eat24, a service offered by Yelp, not only delivers to residents of the city of San Diego but also caters to suburbanites. The best thing about this delivery service? Check out the reviews of the restaurants on before you proceed to order food.


Located in more than 1,000 cities, including San Diego, GrubHub delivers food without an extra charge. The company provides its service by having its only employees deliver food or having restaurant employees deliver themselves. The Chicago-based company also owns similar apps such as Seamless.


Ride-sharing company, Uber, joined the mobile food industry three years ago and has quickly gained a following. Like it’s original app, UberEats hires drivers to deliver food as fast as possible. Because it’s ride-sharing company is solid, this may be one of the faster food delivery apps out there.


Postmates, San Francisco-based company that came into the delivery scene early in 2011, takes the cake for mobile food apps. The company not only has its drivers deliver food fast but it constantly offers deals (unlike most apps that only provide deals to new users). You can also have your driver pick up groceries and a hot meal at a restaurant.