Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. Photo by Invertzoo via Wikimedia Commons

If you call San Diego home-sweet-home and hope to go on a summer vacation, you won’t have to go far.

According to the personal-finance website WalletHub, San Diego ranks third in its report on 2017’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations.

Additionally, with the summer season arriving officially on June 2o, the site reports only 35 percent of Americans plan to take a family vacation away from home this year. So, if you choose to stay close to home in San Diego, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

With so many things to do and see from beaches to SeaWorld, and more, it’s easy to see why San Diego ranked so high.

How’d they decide? To identify the best spots for staying local, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared the 150 largest cities across 36 key indicators of a fun-filled yet wallet-friendly staycation. The data ranges from movie and bowling costs to spas and wellness centers per capita to cost of house-cleaning services.

Best Cities for StaycationsWorst Cities for Staycations
1Orlando, FL141North Las Vegas, NV
2Chicago, IL142Oakland, CA
3San Diego, CA143Port St. Lucie, FL
4Seattle, WA144Hialeah, FL
5Tampa, FL145Newark, NJ
6Las Vegas, NV146Fremont, CA
7Atlanta, GA147Santa Ana, CA
8Portland, OR148Oxnard, CA
9San Francisco, CA149Yonkers, NY
10New York, NY150Chula Vista, CA

Best vs. Worst

  • New Orleans has the most museums per capita, 92 times more than in Aurora, Colo., the city with the fewest.
  • New York has the most parks per capita, 13.5 times more than in Hialeah, Fla., the city with the fewest.
  • Orlando, Fla., has the most ice cream and frozen yogurt shops per capita, 28 times more than in Greensboro, N.C., the city with the fewest.
  • Chicago has the most tennis courts per capita, 26 times more than in Gilbert, Ariz., the city with the fewest.
  • Chicago has the lowest cost of house-cleaning services, 3.5 times less expensive than in Port St. Lucie, Fla., the city with the highest.

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