Tacos El Gordo. Photo via y6y6y6/Flickr
Tacos El Gordo. Photo via y6y6y6/Flickr

It’s warming up in San Diego and what better way to welcome spring than to munch on some tacos in the heat.

Being right next to the U.S.-Mexico border, San Diego residents and visitors are fortunate to have an abundance of taco options. But here’s our picks for top 10 taco shops in San Diego.


This longtime family restaurant is hidden near the University of San Diego. The restaurant is not only home to the surf-n-turf burrito, but plenty of delicious taco options. Try the delectable potato tacos, or if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the lengua (tongue) tacos.

Tacos El Gordo

This San Diego favorite has two locations (and that’s a good thing with the amount of customers they get!). Meat is carved in front of customers who can choose from adobada to cabeza to the classic carne asada tacos.

El Indio

El Indio, which has been in San Diego for 75 years, can always be counted on for fresh tacos. Try their fish or carnitas tacos for something truly unique. And, don’t forget to sample some of their homemade chips.

Aqui es Texcoco

Head to Aqui es Texcoco for traditional Mexican barbecue. The Chula Vista restaurant offers tacos ranging from lamb to rib to pork belly.


Puesto brings the best of the sea to its taco shop. Customers can find tuna asada, lobster and plant-based tacos, among others. The restaurant also uses goods from lower growers.

Bull Taco

Enjoy views of the beach while dining at Bull Taco in North County. The restaurant offers duck, shrimp, pork and vegetarian tacos. For a real treat, try their nachos.

South Beach Bar & Grille

Albacore, shrimp, shark and lobster tacos can all be found at this hometown favorite, South Beach Bar & Grille. The restaurant also serves fried tacos like calamari, oyster and veggie. Head to the OB restaurant on Taco Tuesdays for $2.75 tacos.

City Tacos

Food meets art at City Tacos in North Park. This restaurant offers chile relleno, chorizo asado and mahi tacos, among others. Each taco is served on homemade tortillas and a variety of spices and sauces to really make it pop.

TJ Tacos

If you’re looking for true Mexican-style tacos, head to TJ Tacos in Escondido. This amazing restaurant offers fresh carne asada, adobada and other meats. Get there early because there’s always a line!

Juanitas Taco Shop

Fish, chicken and carne asada can all be found at this North County favorite. But if you truly want a treat, try their rolled tacos. There’s always a line but, thankfully, they move fast.