Two wolf guenons, similar to the on seen here, escaped from their enclosure at the San Diego Zoo on Friday. Photo credit: Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo

Two monkeys escaped Friday from the San Diego Zoo‘s Ituri Forest when placed in the exhibit for the first time, but their freedom was short-lived, park officials said.

The 9- and 5-year-old wolf guenons were captured less than an hour after their escape, which forced the zoo to shoo visitors out of Ituri Forest for a time, zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons said.

“They were observed by the animal care staff the entire time since they were just introduced to their new exhibit,” Simmons told City News Service.

She said primates have been placed in the Ituri Forest before without problems.

The moneys checked out OK in a veterinary examination and were put back in their usual home, where the pygmy hippos are located. A decision on their future housing will be made later, according to Simmons.

— City News Service

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