Baby gorilla
A four-day-old baby gorilla making his public debut at the San Diego Zoo. Courtesy photo

A 4-day-old gorilla is turning into a crowd-pleaser at the San Diego Zoo.

The still-unnamed male was born Dec. 26 to mother Jessica, 34, and father Paul Donn, 25. Jessica has five other offspring, but this is her first with Paul Donn, who is a now four-time father, according to the zoo.

Visitors to the zoo can see the newborn when Jessica brings him to windows that are lined with outdoor heaters. She’ll cradle and nurse the baby there, animal keepers said.

“Mom has been doing really great,” said Nerissa Foland, senior keeper at the zoo. “She’s holding her baby and pats the baby all the time.”

Keepers say the mother carries the newborn around as she forages for food.

“The other troop members have been curious,” Foland said. “They come over and inspect the baby, but he’s pretty much staying with mom at this point, since he’s so new.”

— City News Service

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