The Southern California Water Committee launched a billboard campaign in Southern California to remind residents to conserve water amid the drought. Courtesy photo

With the state mired in drought, a nonprofit group is launching a public-awareness campaign, which was unveiled Thursday, that will feature digital billboard displays across Southern California sharing conservation tips.

The Southern California Water Committee, a nonpartisan water conservation group, teamed up with Clear Channel to encourage Southern Californians to save water during the drought.

The billboards will feature a character dubbed “@Lawn_Dude,” a grassy figure with his own Twitter account that will also be used to spread conservation messages and encourage people to reduce the amount of water they use on landscaping.

Courtesy photo

“During this time of unprecedented drought, we appreciate creative partnerships, like the one announced today, that utilize interesting and unique ways to spread the word about the importance of conserving water,” said Fran Spivy-Weber, vice chair of the state Water Resources Control Board.

The board enacted mandatory water conservation measures this week, banning excessive watering of lawns, hosing of sidewalks and using fountains without recycled water.

Clear Channel Outdoor is donating space on 25 digital billboards across Southern California to display the conservation messages, which feature Lawn Dude spouting messages such as “I only drink two days a week” and “Don’t hose me, man.”

 — City News Service

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