Story and photos by Chris Stone

With some reportedly in line at 3:30 a.m., more than a thousand people enjoyed a quick chat with Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday, who signed copies of her thick new book, “Hard Choices.” Later, she spoke at an international biotech convention.

Hillary Clinton chats with Rosemary Straley, national and San Diego chapter coordinator of the Hillary Clinton Support Network.

People stood in the dark outside Warwick’s in La Jolla for a chance to share stories and words of encouragement for Clinton, who hasn’t announced her 2016 presidential intentions — but gave a hint.

A woman told 10News that she asked Clinton whether she would run, and received the answer: “Well, if I do it, I’ll need your help.”

A couple of protesters stood across the street with signs. One said: “Stop Hillary.” Another cited Benghazi and abortion.

Clinton, about to become a grandmother for the first time, seemed to give special attention to children and the elderly, her face lighting up as they approached.

She last was at Warwick’s in 2003 for her previous book, “Living History.”

Wednesday’s event sold 1,100 wristbands, which entitled people to a book and to meet the former first lady. They had sold out within 48 hours, Warwick’s employees said.

People in line wore “Ready for Hillary” stickers passed out by her supporters, who asked them to sign up for a pro-presidential run newsletter.

The Girard Gourmet restaurant brought a cart across the street and sold drinks, muffins and cookies with presidential seals on them.

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