Baby Gorilla Reunited with Mom at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Oh, baby! In just a minute and a half, this heartwarming video released by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park conveys the timeless emotions moms all over the world feel when they hold their baby for the first time.

Gorilla mother Imani was introduced Monday morning to her tiny 12-day-old infant for the first time since the baby was born by a rare caesarean section  March 12 at the Safari Park. Mother and baby had not been able to be together until today because the newborn suffered a bout of pneumonia requiring the constant care of a team of zoo doctors and UCSD neonatologists.  

With baby recovered, the time was right to bring the two together. And Imani wasted no time scooping up her little girl from a pile of soft bedding and holding her to her chest. Zoo officials say the gorilla has held and carried the infant constantly throughout the day, and is nursing the baby.

The little gorilla has yet to be named. She is Imani’s first baby, though the new mom served as a very capable surrogate mother to a gorilla born at the zoo in 2008.

The gorilla birth is the 17th at the park, which is home to eight gorillas.